Retirement Planning

Planning Process:

We value our clients above all else and have developed a unique process to ensure a positive experience with our firm.

Answering “How Much is Enough?”
Truly effective wealth planning involves knowing exactly how much money is designed to help create and sustain your desired lifestyle.

This is why our approach to wealth planning seeks to answer this important question as we begin to define living in financial independence. You have worked your life to become successful, now it is time to enjoy the plan designed to help you reach your financial goals.

Introduction to the Process

All clients know exactly what we will do for them before we get started, because we implement our 3-Meeting Process at the beginning of our relationship. This allows every prospect to test-drive our firm and begin the wealth planning process with a thorough review of our service offerings and a clear picture of your financial life in its entirety.

Meeting # 1: Introduction
- Learn about you and your priorities, and your finances
- Explain our philosophy, cost structure and service
- Introduce team members
- Ask us questions
- See if there’s a good “fit” for us to meet again

Meeting # 2: Plan Design
- Get a clear picture of your financial life and portfolio today
- Design a blueprint of your investment plan
- Make sure you’re on track toward your various financial goals
- Show you how well your current portfolio fits your goals
- Look closely at your current risks, investments, future costs, income sources and employee benefits

Meeting # 3: Recommendations
- A written set of recommendations is custom prepared for you that includes both planning and investment recommendations.
- Learn how our recommended strategy differs from your current investments and plan
- Review changes (if any) and explain why they make sense for you to consider
- Provide additional recommendations on a range of financial planning topics specific to your needs and priorities
- Creation and execution of the BWM Client "Investment Policy" - This must be completed prior to any investments being made
- If you decide to partner with Burgesser Wealth Management, we begin addressing these planning items as soon as you’d like.

If you decide not to hire us, the plan and recommendations are yours to keep. We’ll do our best to make sure you find value for your time spent.

Completing the Process

Once you become a client, we get to work implementing our recommendations, which are flexible and adaptable to your financial, professional and personal goals.

Stage 1 - Implementation:

We’ll review a specific timeline to transition our plan and investment strategy. We begin processing all paperwork for new accounts, input concentrated stock and option, "stop loss" orders (if appropriate), review insurance needs and begin your investment program. This begins our year long goal of addressing all of your financial needs and scheduling appropriate follow up for each.

Stage 2 - Wealth Plan Refinement:

Next, we invite your other trusted advisors into the process and share comparative analysis. Together, we’ll determine any additional resources or specialties you may need and coordinate regular communications with other advisors. We’ll review your estate strategies and asset structuring needs, as well as go over protection planning needs in detail. Finally, we’ll develop the timeline of events for all implementation items so there is a clear understanding of our proposed plan of action.

Stage 3 - Review, Adapt, Improve:

The final stage of implementation involves the following steps: asset structuring, protection planning, stock and option strategy, execution and reinvestment, and regular portfolio reviews.

Ongoing Review:

Our wealth planning process is then managed and maintained with regular updates on accounts, a thorough review of your portfolio and outside assets, annual review of the wealth plan and further identification of new opportunities and threats to the success of your plan.