Our Mission

To deliver YOU solutions for YOUR complex financial and tax burdens including HOW TO POTENTIALLY DEFER OR REDUCE CAPITAL GAINS TAX, building, managing, protecting and eventually TAX EFFICIENTLY transitioning YOUR wealth!  At Burgesser Wealth Management, YOU will feel like YOU are our only client! Understanding YOUR financial situation and providing YOU with only the highest quality information, services, and products to help YOU reach YOUR goals. Utilizing a basic philosophy of getting YOU from point A to point B while taking the LEAST AMOUNT of  RISK that YOU have to in order to help YOU successfully reach YOUR financial goals!

The Firms Behind Burgesser Wealth Management:

Belpointe Asset Management LLC

Burgesser Wealth Management has chosen to partner with Belpointe Asset Management Inc, headquartered in Reno, Nevada. Belpointe has advisory offices with wealth managers throughout the country acting as fiduciaries, allowing its advisors the autonomy and independence required for truly placing the interests of clients first. Belpointe custodies and clears through a relationship network of institutional firms. For additional information about Belpointe Asset Management, visit https://adviserinfo.sec.gov/.

Charles Schwab Institutional Advisor Services

Schwab Institutional Services, handles the processing of your transactions. We do not provide investment advice or execute any orders from you. Your financial professional is responsible for determining investment suitability and initiating transactions and investigating and resolving any inquiries you may have about your account.

We have a variety of products. Our cash management services feature unlimited check writing and a Visa® Platinum Debit Card. Our fee-based model enables you to pay a simple fee based on the value of your account, rather than a commission for each transaction, while offering you access to top money managers and choices from thousands of mutual funds available at net asset value (no sales charge). A host of retirement plans are available to fit your needs.

No matter what products you choose, you’ll receive monthly or quarterly statements from Schwab Institutional Services, depending on account activity, as well as tax related documents, depending on your account type.